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Independent Practitioners in one Location to Achieve a Team Approach
Physical Therapists - Chiropractors - Acupuncturists - Medical Specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Total Pain Management Program
The Total Pain Management Program delivered by an independent physiatry doctor is a proven program of powerful new pain-control techniques which rely on:
  • Technology: -The latest medical technology for diagnosing and treating pain.
  • Motivation: - The importance of individual motiviation in the rehabilitation process.

Pain Treatment Services
  • Trigger point injections
  • Move block injections
  • Medication management
  • Physical/Movement therapy
  • TENS therapy
  • Pain management classes
  • Individual exercise programs
  • Acupuncture.

Diagnostic Services
  • Neurologic Exams
  • EMGs, and SSEPs
  • Diagnostic nerve blocks
  • Range of motion testing.

Treatment Goals
The individual treatment programs are designed to:
  • Reduce your acute and chronic pain as much as possible.
  • Help you deal more effectively with residual pain.
  • Increase your strenght, mobility and functioning.
  • Improve your daily mood and develop a positive outlook.
  • Help you and your family continue rehabilitation after you leave the program.

Chiropractic Services
Independent Board Certified Chiropractors provide the best care for spinal injuries through expert manipulations to achieve the best level of alignment.

Oriental Medicine
Independent Board Certified practitioners in Acupuncture and Herbology provide the best pain relief available without medication. For chronic conditions the combination of herbs and acupuncture is the most powerful therapy available today.

Physical Therapy
Independent Licensed Therapists provide mobilization, rehabilitation and relaxation programs to bring the patient back to normal.

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